PEC Adventures: New Friends, Food, & Fine Spirits

Hey friends. I took a little break from writing because I wasn’t finding joy in it and that was my hint that I needed a break. But I’m back! It has a been a busy few weeks, and if you follow my Instagram, you’ll see why. We spent almost two weeks on the east coast, then drove back and I went straight back to work which was a bit of a transition. Does anyone else find it hard to bounce back from vacation sometimes? Like you need an extra week of vacation to have a vacation FROM your vacation? I could’ve used an extra week of relaxing by the pool and reading. But I digress.

So! This weekend, Sarah from Experience Picton reached out and asked if I wanted to meet up. I am always down for meeting new people in a one-on-one setting, so of course, I said yes! We decided to try out the Wellington Farmers Market. It was my first visit, and my first time walking around Wellington, and even just the drive out was beautiful! Parking was a bit chaotic, but I did manage to find an empty parking lot that was a short walk away from the very busy market. That’s where I met Sarah! We hit it off instantly, which is always nice when new people come into your life.

We strolled through the vendor stalls and I recognized businesses from Instagram that I follow. Picnic PECCactus Rose, Flossie’s SandwichesIdle Wild PECBlue Wheelbarrow Farm, and even fries and sauce from Jamie Kennedy himself! Those are just a few of the vendors. You will need to see it for yourself because it is a beautiful spot! Sarah and I tried Grilled Haloomi sandwich and it has me HOOKED on halloumi cheese. It’s the best grillable cheese ever! Seriously. Go get a sandwich from Picnic PEC or pick some up at the Independent and grill it yourself. We ate right on the water, enjoyed our fries, Haloomi sandwich, and a pretzle cookie. It may have been the best first friend date known to humankind. Only.. it gets better.



After checking out the vendors and picking up some beautiful sunflowers and a bacon cookie with vanilla filling from Flossie’s for Chris, Sarah threw out the idea of visiting Kinsip, a local gem that creates beautiful spirits and amazing cocktails. I came across Kinsip, I believe, at Hops on the Water a few months back, but I never got the chance to give them a try, so I was excited. Plus, Sarah promised me the floofiest of chickens.


When we arrived and it was instantly inviting, even just from the parking lot. Trees, flowers, and the smell of camp fire surrounded the second I opened my door. We arrived when it was pretty empty and a bit wet, which was nice because we got to experience it without the hustle and bustle of tour buses. We found the chickens right away and I was SO happy because they were the floofiest!


After checking the chickens out and chatting up some of the staff, we decided to do a taste test. We were offered a spot inside, out of the rain, to listen to them explain how everything is created on site, with minimal import of other ingridents that they just cannot create themselves (fancy molasses, I think it was). We tasted their vodka, Still’s Whisper (hints of vanilla)  and Woodland’s Whisper (pine and citrusy). After the white spirits, we moved onto dark and I was excited to try their Maple Whisky and I was not let down! It tasted fantastic and I’m hoping to grab a bottle next time we stop by. Last, I tried their County Cassis and was blown away by how amazing it was. Created with brandy and black currants, it is the perfect summer sipping drinking just on its own. Another buy I will be making in the near future. To finish, we were offered maple syrup and I could’ve drank entire bottle of Will Ferrell in Elf style because it’s just that good!


To end our day, we ordered a Gin and Tonic made at the bar, and for the life of me, I cannot remember all of the ingreidents, but it was delicious. We sat by the camp fire, listened to the rain, and chatted. It was the perfect day, and Sarah will become a staple of my hangouts, I’m pretty sure. I felt relaxed and at ease ALL day, and had the opporunity to experience Wellington and Bloomfield! I can’t wait to go back to Kinsip and the market, buy more things, and try more locally made spirits! Stay tuned for more adventure of Jenn and Sarah.


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