in a dark, ​dark cave: tyendinaga cavern and caves

Since moving to Ontario, I have been compiling a list of places to go, but one place that started this all was the Tyendinaga Caves and Caverns. If you don’t already know about this place it’s a must see! It is located in Belleville at 2623 Harmony Road. It stands as Ontario’s oldest and largest natural cavern.

Upon arriving and purchasing our tickets ($12.50 for adults!) we were immediately given a tour. We were shown the fossils and learned about what formed them, how old they are, and what they’re created out of. It was pretty fascinating!

After a tour around the grounds, learning about the other caverns underneath our feet, and the history of the owners, we were taken to the main cavern. We descended into history thousands of years in the making. There is the main path, but be warned, they mean it when they say wear sensible footwear because the cavern remains very damp to further growth and help it repair itself. Stepping inside, I could feel the temperature difference and moisture in the air, along with the aging rocks around us. It’s a strange feeling to stand inside of something so old and full of history. Something that has been around longer than any human. It’s also very impressive that these things exist below us without us knowing. I applaud the owners of the caves and caverns who have been working so hard for years to create this little place to show the world.

The tour cavern the inside isn’t extremely long but is jam-packed with information about the caves and caverns, and the history of the area. If you’re brave enough, you can enter into a few small cave chambers. I was a little nervous about being in a closed space, but the guys crawled right in and said it was a tight fit but fun to attempt.

We were shown drawings, flowstone deposits, dates carved into the rock (with a very neat story to go along with those dates), cave curtains (or dentures), stalactites, and spiders. We climbed down another staircase that took us about 40 feet below ground. It was pretty chilly, so if you’re going, dress warm! Shorts and a t-shirt were okay for the tour, but I definitely would have appreciated a sweater.

I won’t spoil anymore because I really want you to go visit! My pictures only show you a portion of what you see because I didn’t want to spend the entire tour behind the camera. The tour is very informative and interesting, and you get to see a part of history along with a geology lesson. After the tour, we stopped by and signed the guestbook, so if you go, see if you can find our signature!

Tyendinaga Cavern & Caves Info:



Adult: $12.50

Youth: (13-17): $10.00

Seniors (65+): $10.00.

Kids (5-12): $9.00

Children (3-4) : $5.00

Children under 2: Free

Cash only!

HOURS: 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Victoria Day to June 30th: weekdays by appointment only. Weekends: open daily (no appointment needed)
July 1st to Labour Day: open 7 days a week including holidays
No dogs permitted
Picnic area available for use
Wear sensible shoes and appropriate clothing



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