go shawty, it’s your birthday!


Technically it’s not my birthday anymore, but hey, it’s only like 362 days away.

I love parties and birthday, so I was so excited to not be in charge of planning my own birthday for the first time since I was ten. I’m lucky enough to have amazing friends here that love me and plan fun things to celebrate me getting a year older.

So what did we do? Before the party, Chris took me to Eggsquis and I was in awe of the huge crepe filled with fresh fruit and custard. It was so delicious! Then we visited the Front Street Farmers Market for macaroons from Wheat & Poppy. After an afternoon of lazing, Tay hosted a bunch of us at her house, we played games and ate food, and posed for all the basic birthday photos. We made our way to Montana’s and ate some more (deep fried pickles and spinach dip is the ultimate birthday meal!) then we went to Chuck’s Roadhouse for drinks and ended up doing shots. My 31-year-old body does not process shots like it used to! After that, we danced our butts off at Little T’s to old dance hits from our early 20’s and drank delicious cocktails and did Swedish Berry shots. It was a fun-filled and exhausting day! The best way to turn 31.


After all that, I started reflecting on what the past 31 years have taught me. Here goes my inspirational (ha!) list.


  • Not to take myself TOO seriously. Maybe a little bit, but not too much. I tend to get caught up in my own thoughts and commit myself to so many things. Learning to let go and give myself room for failure and to accept failure has been a huge step.


  • To make friends with people outside of my circle because those people have surprised me and become so important to me. I’m the kind of person that creates a group and sticks with it but moving here, I’ve created a circle with SO many different types of personalities and different interests, and it has pushed me to try new things!


  • Learning to eat well, have treats in moderation, and get outside as much as I can. It feels good! Learning to cook new meals, and hitting the three-month mark of being a vegetarian has been life changing!


  • To take time for me. This is so important! Taking a half hour to unwind and relax is so essential to my mental health that I’ve made it an important part of every day. I take a bath and read a book once a week and try to get away from the business of the day.


  • Trying new things is both terrifying and fulfilling! This blog has pushed me outside of my boundaries and I’ve met SO many amazing people. Totally worth the scary parts.


  • Not every relationship I have needs to be maintained. This has been a hard lesson over the past year because I’m terrible at letting people go, but it has been a huge release to not hold on to every single relationship, especially those relationships that were taking more of a toll to maintain. Now I put my energy into relationships I feel give me a sense of purpose and fulfillment. Not everyone is worthy of your energy!


So that’s it. Those are some of the most important that I’ve learned. A lot of those things took a lot of accepting my own bullshit and changing things to make myself happy. Before I felt like I was just waiting for things to change without putting in any effort, but that just isn’t how life works!

Thanks for reading my ramblings. What are some of your birthday reflections? What do you want to work on for the next year? Let me know!



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