stop and smell the flowers: farmers markets & lilacs

Last weekend was one of the first times in months that we didn’t have our entire weekend planned, which is pretty rare. I’m not complaining! I love being busy, and I know when to take a break and just relax, but it was nice to just wake up on Saturday and drive wherever we felt like going.

So where did our day take us? We stopped by the Front Street Farmers Market in Trenton because I’ve fallen in love with Wheat & Poppy and their delicious scones. Highly recommend trying them out. They are swapping out their flavours soon and I’m very excited to see whats up next. The strawberry lemon poppyseed scone is by far my favourite and Chris enjoys the chive and cheddar scone.

Next, we drove out to Belleville for our first visit to the Downtown Belleville Farmers Market. We went last year, but there wasn’t a whole lot going on, so we decided to try it out again. I knew a friend of my was going to be selling flowers, so it was a nice opportunity to stop by and see her, too. We stopped by Fullerton Farms and picked up some mushrooms for our pizza, and a Living Lite which is a jar containing mushrooms that glow in the dark! It’s pretty neat and glows green. I also picked up more garlic spread from Papa Ghanoush & Mamma Hummus which everyone needs in their lives if they love garlic.

After the market, we decided that the Warkworth Lilac Festival would be the perfect time to wander around Warkworth and play with the camera. Last weekend was opening weekend, so you have all month to get out and walk the Millennium Trail which is filled with lilacs of every colour and beautiful scenery. We stopped every 10 feet to take pictures, but it was so beautiful that we couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Warkworth itself offers the perfect setting for a relaxing day of shopping and trying local treats. Centre and Main create beautiful chocolate bars that are almost too pretty to eat! I’ve tried too many to name, but their special edition Lilac Festival bar was so delightful. Light and floral, it was the perfect treat to end a busy day.

We popped into Metaphorhome and I can’t wait to go back and spend an entire paycheque on their towels, candles, and pretty much everything else in the store. This store was made for me! I am a sucker for kitchenwares and knickknacks, so this place is dangerous but so necessary to stop by.

Our last stop was The Warkworth Bakery which is a MUST see in Warkworth, or at the Codrington Farmers Market. This sweet family-owned bakery is a local business we rave about a fair bit to friends. Their peameal bacon on a bun is my husband’s favourite weekend treat and I’m pretty sure he’d eat five in a row if he could. This was our first time stepping into the actual bakery itself, but we will be making it a regular stop. We purchased challah seeded bread, vegetarian lasagna, crustless veggie quiche, and their own brand of barbeque sauce. We even put the sauce on our pizza dough from Dough Mama at the Front Street Farmers Market and it was the perfect addition to the pizza.

It was a busy but very fun weekend. We didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed. Walking through the lilacs and stopping to smell them was a nice reminder to slow down sometimes and take a breath. We are huge supporters of buying local and will continue to use local ingredients in our daily meals, so I hope you’ve found some inspiration or a new place to visit during this post.

Next week we’re in Borden, Ontario for the Air Show so there will be lots up on Instagram and Facebook if you want to follow along.

Thanks for reading!

2018-05-26 10.13.36 1.jpg

Lilac Festival Bar from Centre & Main

2018-05-26 10.15.33 1.jpg

Pizza dough from Dough Mama

2018-05-26 10.14.43 1.jpg

Haulf from The Warkworth Bakery

2018-05-26 10.16.06 1.jpg

Lilacs at the Lilac Festival



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