girls day in Picton: brunch and brews

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Hey! This weekend we’re talking about none other than Picton. One of my favourite places in Ontario. This town reminds me so much of the Valley back in Nova Scotia, so I try to visit as often as possible. Today we took a girls day and went out to do some shopping and try some new places. We couldn’t have picked a nicer day for a girls trip to PEC to wander around the local shops and eat delicious treats. I’m going to focus mostly on Crêpe Escape and 555 Brewing Co because that is where we spent the majority of our time, but I’ll tag a few other places we visited, too, because they’re too great to pass up.

Crêpe Escape

“You know, just to put this in there, I had a whole mess of crepes this morning. They’re just like pancakes, maybe even better.” Does anyone else remember this from Talladega Nights? Just me?

They’re just really thin pancakes.

This place was near the top of my list. If you are in Picton, I highly, HIGHLY recommend stopping in. They’re located by the Armouries right on the main drag. This neat little spot with its bright pink sign will draw you in right away, especially with the addition of their patio. Crepes in the sun? Yes, please. Their menu caters to everyone! I’m vegetarian (but not fully committed as you’ll see in my topping pics), Marie is vegan, and Taylor loves everything, so we really had a chance to test out their menu.

I opted for the regular crêpe with marshmallows, Nutella, bananas, and whipped cream. Marie ordered a vegan crêpe with sugar and cinnamon, and Taylor had the same as me but with strawberries added. They were delicious and filling with tons of toppings. They don’t skimp on the whipped cream either.

They offer savoury crêpes, as well, filled with meat and veggies, or you can pick from their variety of sweet fillings. You can even try to beat their “most fillings in a crêpe” challenge, which I think stands at 14. Either way, if you’re in Picton, they’re a must try! The guys running it are very friendly and willing to answer any questions you have, so go support a fantastic local business and try them out.

2018-05-12 11.41.40 2.jpg

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555 Brewing Company 

I met these guys at Hops on the Water in 2017 and they were so friendly and upbeat, that I knew I needed to visit their Picton location. They not only serve beer, they make a mean pizza. We had just eaten at Crêpe Escape but I watched a pizza or two go by while hanging out on their patio, and I already know I’m going back this summer to indulge in one.

Their outside patio and sandbox are the perfect setting for a sunny afternoon with your family or a girls date. We all ordered the same thing which was their County Secret hopped cider, a peach and apricot collaboration between County Cider and 555. The girls loved it, too, but I’m the drinker in the group, so I ended up drinking probably 2.5 generous glasses of it (day drunk, anyone?). It’s light and not too dry, so it’s right up my alley. I’m hopeful that next time I’m out, they will have their Jail Cell Sour Series because as you know, I love kettle sours.

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Secret Cider!

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Honourable Mentions

The Vic Cafe: Marie loved their Matcha, and shared her vegan cookies with us (bonus: donations to the local library (and we all know I love books!).

Painted Pieces: Home decor, repurposed furniture, chalk paint, and workshops! They do it all.

Kelly: We stopped here last fall and ended up buying our Secret Santa presents to send back home. I LOVE this little store. They sell pins, clothing, jewellery, and neat little knick-knacks.

That’s it. That was our day. I am in love with Picton and it has become my go-to spot for a day out. I plan on doing a few pieces about Picton because I can’t cram every place there into one post, so keep an eye out for the next adventure!

2018-05-12 10.32.58 1.jpg

The Vic

2018-05-12 10.34.49 1.jpg

Painted Pieces!


2018-05-12 06.57.18 2.jpg

Floor in Kelly’s

2018-05-12 10.27.40 1.jpg

Pins from Kelly’s


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