Nova Scotia favourites

Since we’re returning to the ever-bustling East Coast in a month and a half, I thought I’d do a little post about our favourite places! I’ll try to keep it short and to the point, listing 4 or 5 for each category. I’ll focus more on places that are less known, unlike Peggy’s Cove (which I love but everyone knows it!). Tell me some of your favourite spots, too!


Salvatore’s Pizza (Halifax) – The best fancy pizza in town, hands down. King of Donair for the best slice after a night of drinking or to curb a craving for garlic fingers and donair.

Paddy’s Pub (Kentville) – Delicious food and a great atmosphere. This was our favourite place to stop by while we were in the Valley for our annual pumpkin u-pick trip at Stirling Fruit Farms.

The Middle Spoon (Halifax) – Dessert and drinks, anyone? My go-to place whenever I was planning an outing. There’s really nothing more to say other than they serve alcohol AND dessert. Also, if you’re lucky or you know someone with the inside scoop (me), you can find a secret bar inside the restaurant.

Rudder’s Brew Pub (Yarmouth) – Locally crafted beer and food! What more could you want? Yarmouth is where the ferry from Nova Scotia to Maine is located, so it caters to tourists who want fresh seafood.

Honourable mentions: Two If By Sea Cafe, Humble Pie, Halifax Harbourstone Seafood, and Cut Steakhouse.


Maxwell’s Plum (Halifax) – This is where we met, and where I spent most of my time in university, so it’s top of the list. You cannot beat the breakfast they serve on the weekend, either. Their kitchen is open until 2am, so when you’re looking for a drink & a late night bite, the Plum is the place to be.

The Halifax Alehouse (Halifax)- I should list this under both food and drink, but I’ll leave it here. We used to go to the Alehouse before every Moosehead’s hockey game, and I think I’ve eaten my weight in their french fry dip. It’s to die for. But it’s also a great place for beer, drinks, live music, and sports on the big screen.

The Dome (Halifax) – Although it is nicknamed the Dirty Dome, it’s one of the few places to drink and dance in Halifax. There is usually a younger crowd of university students, but it’s fun if you want to get out and dance! Other options are Pacifico or The Toothy Moose.

Obladee Wine Bar (Halifax) – A dream for any wine lover, it serves a TON of different types of wine. A nice place to stop if you’re not into the pub or dance scene.

Places To Visit:

Halifax Harbour Waterfront – There’s SO much to do there. A few hidden gems to check out whether you’re a local or a tourist are Lost Cod Clothing, New Scotland Clothing, Sugah!, Rum Runners, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic, and Nova Scotia Crystal. There’s a variety of food options, too, and the Busker Festival is a must see.

Lunenburg – This is one of my favourite towns to visit. It is so iconic and breathtaking, and the winner of a few awards just for its unique beauty. The colourful houses and shops make it the perfect spot to take pictures, grab lunch at Big Red’s Pizza, or take a walk on the waterfront and admire the boats.

Fisherman’s Cove – When we bought our first house in Eastern Passage back in 2010, I fell in love with Fisherman’s Cove. It’s home to so many local shops, and whether you want ice cream or fish from Boondocks, it has a bit of everything. Walk the boardwalk and wade into the water, or catch some fish with the locals. It’s a place I miss dearly and can’t wait to return to. Try Moon Mist ice cream!

The Valley – The Valley: This is more of the local name for the large group of towns up the South-West Shore, but for us, it’s the mainly the areas of Kentville and Wolfville. Home to Acadia University, as well as a host of local shops and pubs, it’s a fantastic place to stop for food and pretty views. The Valley also includes Digby (fresh seafood), Greenwood (military!), Annapolis Royal (the original provincial capital) and a bunch of other small communities to visit.

Things To Do:

Tidal Bore Rafting – Scary but fun!

Upper Clements Park (June to Sept) – Every East Coasters Disneyland.

Kentville Pumpkin People – It is well put together and always a blast.

Apple Blossom Festival – Hang out with the locals and celebrate!

Nocturne Halifax – A unique look at art in Halifax.

Halifax Citadel Hill – A big hill, but a cool big hill.


3 thoughts on “Nova Scotia favourites

  1. lottie buckle says:

    Ahhh!!! So much of Kentville! I love it! I miss home so much…

    We should all try to go home for Apple Blossom sometime – or the Cherry Festival in Bear River! So many fun things to do back home ❤


    • Posted Discoveries says:

      aww! ❤ yesss, that'd be amazing. it's funny because you're reading the unedited version. lol. I have to publish then send to my "editor" and then fix it and then post it. so if I sound drunk, it's just due to not being fine tuned. haha!


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