medieval times: a knight to remember

Location: 10 Dufferin Street, Toronto, ON

Cost: For general admission – $65 for adults & $45 for children (under three is free if sitting on your lap)

Tickets: Click Here!

The Journey:

Coming up with catchy titles is REALLY hard, guys. But I was super excited to return to Toronto for our second Medieval Times experience! If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. I mean, you get good food, medieval entertainment, and massive drinks. Unless you don’t enjoy having fun, then maybe you should skip it.

We planned this trip for Chris’ 33 birthday and invited a few friends to meet up with us in Toronto. We drove to Oshawa to take the Go Train in because it’s the easiest route for us. Less hassle, but more money. I’ll take the less hassle any day.

Our trek there was nothing short of exhausting because not only was there a Blue Jays game happening that shut down streets, there was a Toronto FC game that closed down another area of streets. After a cold walk and intense cab ride, we eventually arrived, albeit 48 minutes later than previously planned. Sorry, Christine!

The Atmosphere: 

From the get-go, you are transported to another time. The servers and greeters are all in costume of either wench and serf. With the dim lighting, colourful banners everywhere, and suits of armour on every wall, it really gives you the sense of a medieval castle atmosphere. It’s truly magical

We were assigned to the Yellow Knight! I, of course, bought the golden glass to match our crown and our section because I love the touristy stuff. I was pretty excited once our knight rode out because he had fabulous hair and the boys were impressed with his moustache.

Tiago was our serf, and he had us cheering along with the rest of the section for our knight. He was super helpful and had a great sense of humour. I recommend bringing tip money! We didn’t plan properly for this but did put down some American money in hopes that it’d suffice because we were very happy with our service.


The Feast:

The meal itself is its own event. You are not given utensils to eat with, so I’d suggest washing your hands before the meal is served. The main dish is a roasted quarter chicken, however, I opted for the Vegetarian meal instead, a three bean stew that was pretty tasty. The sides offered were tomato bisque and garlic bread, sweet corn, roasted potato. Dessert was lemon loaf that was devoured before it hit the plate.




The Show:

Medieval Times puts on a grand show for almost two hours. We watched a trained falcon fly around the grounds, horses that dance, jousting, sword (and axe) fighting, and a little drama. The story changes (or has since we last went years ago), so it remains interesting and fun. The knights, I believe, change fairly often, too.

The audience interaction is a nice touch. The Knights will chat with fans as they await their turn at the skills competition, they hand out flowers they receive from the Princess after succeeding in a skills competition, and they really encourage you to cheer or boo very loudly. My throat is STILL sore! It is so much fun that I really can’t explain it all to you. You’ll just need to go and see what it’s all about!


In the end, the Green Knight won,  but we had so much fun it didn’t matter. The Knights put on a great show and kept us entertained for two hours. We planned on meeting the knights afterward, but we were so tired and knew we had a long two-hour trek home, so we missed out.

We will be back, though. If you’re a military member from CFB Trenton, you should have received a Perkopolis card, and with it, you can buy discounted tickets, or check Groupon for discounted tickets. There are a few different packages to pick from with extra features like group photos or front row seats. We did the most expensive one five years ago and loved all the extras, but the regular ticket is still worth it!

Well, that is it. I hope maybe I’ve convinced some of you to go and enjoy the show! It’s really the best way to spend a knight out (oh no! did I just say that?)

Fare thee well, my dear friends.




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