about me: my mom thinks I’m cool

On a suggestion to write about myself, I thought I’d give it a shot. I don’t find myself very interesting, but maybe you guys do? So far, you know I’m all over the place and that I can’t sit still for 35 seconds. I don’t know how I write blog posts because it requires sitting and doing one thing for a long period of time. The struggle is real!

So! A little about me.

Life before Trenton // I was born in small-town Nova Scotia and moved to Halifax at the young age of 18 to begin a new life and start post-secondary education. I attended Saint Mary’s University from 2005-2010 (victory lap!) and majored in Sociology and minored in Religious Studies. I went back to school a few years later for my Early Childhood Education diploma, which is now my full-time career.

Life now // I started a blog a month ago to document my life here, and to give updates to friends back home, or encourage people in the area to get out and see what there is to do!

Travels // I first left Nova Scotia in 2008 to go to PEI. The next time I left, it was international travel. I flew to Germany! It was terrifying AND fun. I was also meeting Chris’ parents for the first time because that was where they were living. I fell in love with travel that day. I’ve visited a few places in Europe, and here’s a list of the places I can remember. Paris (x2), Bruges (my favourite place on earth!), Berlin, England, Dublin, Ypres, Amsterdam, Fussen, Dachau, Heidelberg, and Luxembourg. I really can’t remember the names of ALL the places we’ve visited, but this is a handful and some of my favourites. I plan on writing a European centred blog in the near future.

We’ve also travelled to Seattle, Maine, Buffalo, Salem (Hocus Pocus, anyone?), and Boston. The reason I am a Boston Bruins fan is that I fell in love with Boston the second I stepped foot in the city. We visited a few months after the tragic bombings, and you could feel the resilience of the city. The people are amazing, and the food is even better. It was my first “solo” trip without Chris since he was deployed with the Air Force for a billion weeks.

Favourites //

Music: I listen to everything! I have a Spotify playlist I’ve created called “Onterrible Beats” that I’m pretty sure you can find it and listen to it if you want a musical experience. It has a country, rap, hip-hop, pop, indie, mental, and old rock. I love everything. I’m currently listening to The Glorious Son and the Baby Driver soundtrack.

Food: Veggie Delight from Subway, or any type of creamy pasta! I recently became a vegetarian and now am a fan of lentils.

TV Show: I’m the queen of binge-watching, but I’m currently enjoying Gossip Girl. I love overly dramatic and trashy TV. Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy and Stranger Things are a few of my go-to shows. I’m also a huge Big Brother fan! Chill Town for Life. Other than that, I watch a lot of hockey.

Book: I am a huge Karin Slaughter fan, so I have read every single book she has written. She even follows me on Instagram which I nearly died over. I read a lot of horror or thriller books. I am a secret lover of young adult books, too. The Red Queen series is probably one of my favourites.

Place: Bruges. It’s honestly just the most beautiful place to visit. It’s a fairytale town. Just watch the movie In Bruges and you’ll understand. Dark comedies are my thing.

Movie: Pitch Perfect. It’s aca-awesome. I know it word for word. I have a soft spot for horror movies, too. Michael Myers is my favourite.

I can’t think of much more about myself that might be interesting, so I’m leaving it up to you guys to post me questions to answer. They can be silly or something you might not know about me that I haven’t answered.

Thanks for reading!

Here are some photos of my life so far.


Goth Jenn! It was an awkward time for everyone.


A trip to Amsterdam. It was pretty cool to visit such an old place where everyone is tall and beautiful.


My best friend ever. This girl is my rock and I wouldn’t be who I am without her.


Hanging out at Stephen King’s house on our trip back home.


Proof that my fashion sense was always terrible and that I was once a blonde. Also, my brother looks pretty nerdy and I like embarrassing him.


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