netflix, wisdom teeth, & ice storms, oh my!

Song of the Day: I Wanna Be Sedated by RAMONES

If you’re living in Ontario, you’re probably going just as stir crazy as I am right now. We’ve been getting pelted with freezing rain and snow since Saturday morning, and I, for one, am pretty much over it. Not only does it mean I’m stuck in the house, but I can’t get out to take pictures or experience anything. I do not enjoy being stuck.

My ice coated weekend started Saturday morning, wondering if my dental appointment to have my wisdom teeth removed would be postponed. Not a normal Saturday morning adventure for me, but when you’re going on 31 and have a real fear of having your teeth removed, this is where you eventually end up. Anyone else terrified of the dentist? I’ve spent more time at the dentist in the past 30 years than I’d like to admit. From broken teeth, root canals, countless fillings, and TWO sessions to remove my wisdom teeth, I’ve done it all. I’ve received a few messages asking about my experiences with anxiety and the dentist, so please feel free to message me if you’re struggling. LightHouse Dental has so far, been the best dental care experience I’ve received, and Dr. Mokhtari is probably the only person in the world I trust to remove my teeth. I wasn’t put under with IV sedation because I have a fear of needles (more than a fear.. I faint ten seconds after seeing them), so I was given lots of helpful oral sedation medication to make it less horrifying while I was awake. I highly recommend them if you’re in the area and need a dentist. Dr. Khan and Dr. Sethi are also fantastic at what they do!

After having my wisdom teeth out, and sending horrifying pictures to my friends (I am SO sorry, guys), my drugged up brain decided to binge watch The Hunger Games, which lead to some really messed up dreams about my friends volunteering as tribute. Netflix really was my best friend this weekend, along with hockey (Go Bruins!), mashed potatoes, and Snapchat, where I endlessly annoyed people with my face. It has been a very boring weekend, and I still have today and Tuesday off to heal up, but I’m still stuck inside because of all this freaking ice!

Who else feels like they might be slowly slipping into madness? Is spring actually going to come? Hops on the Water is next weekend, and although I like my drinks cold, I don’t want the same for my feet or hands.

This was just my way of connecting with the world today. Someone send help.



One thought on “netflix, wisdom teeth, & ice storms, oh my!

  1. lottie buckle says:

    Haha! “and although I like my drinks cold, I don’t want the same for my feet or hands”. I love that quote! And I LOVE the new crisp and clean layout! I cannot wait to see what else you find out that you did while on medication, haha!


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