southpaw cat cafe: happy caturday!

Song of the Day: Bellbottoms by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion (I like sharing my musical experience as well – and it’s my favourite song from Baby Driver)

Hey all! I’m going to share a special place with you guys today, and that’s not to say the other places weren’t special, because they are. This place just happens to have cats so it’s basically the happiest place on earth. I’ve visited Southpaw Cat Cafe in Kingston three times since it opened in August of 2016. It still doesn’t feel often enough, but it is an hour away. Anyway, on to the fun stuff.

Scott, the owner, is the only person I’ve met working at the cafe, and I’m pretty sure he lives there and has the best job on the planet. He knows his stuff, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. We chatted for a bit today, and he told me about the cafe, how they work out the adoptions, and their adoption frequency. They work with Kingston Animal Rescue, who rescues kitties, bunnies, and other helpless animals. The cafe is averaging one adoption a week right now, and they’ve adopted out over 50 cats, which is truly amazing. The cafe itself works as a middle person for the adoption of these wonderful cats because you really get to see their personality, energy level, and if you follow them on Instagram, you get to see how they are with people and other cats from the second the arrive. Plus daily instavideos of Scott saying “good morning, my friends!”. It’s how I start my day, which might sound stalkerish, but I just really, REALLY love cats and seeing cats and petting cats. Just cats in general.

The cafe itself is pretty awesome. The process: you order (minimum $4 purchase) at the counter a delicious treat, sandwich, or coffee, you enter the shoe lobby between the cafe area and the cat area (don’t let the kitties out!), and you enjoy your food and drink while you play with cats. It’s pretty simple, yet wonderful. BUT there are rules, and they have them visibly posted, and I highly recommend you follow them because this is someone’s business.

Rules You Abide By:

  • No children under ten unless it’s a designated special event
  • do not pick up the cats! or let them out, for that matter
  • do not disturb a sleeping cat (I know, it’s hard not to)
  • no flash photography!
  • do not feed them human food
  • do not play rough & if you happen to get bitten or scratched, let them know!
  • MINIMUM $4 purchase to enter the cat area

The coffee is fair trade and organic, and did I mention delicious? I’ve tried the Cream Egg Mocha and Salted Caramel Mocha. They are possibly two of my favourite coffee related drinks now. Their menu is unique, and sadly I haven’t eaten anything but cookies, but I will try something next time. The menu also caters to vegans and vegetarians! Their desserts are my favourite and locally made. This place just loves to share the love.


Southpaw hosts so many events, I don’t think I could name them all, but some of interest are Family Days (kids are permitted in, but book a reservation!), Mew-vie Nights, Yoga with Cats, and PiCATso Paint Nights. Click here for a monthly schedule. I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Well, I hope I’ve convinced you (unless you’re allergic to cats – then that’s just so sad). This place is a MUST SEE in Kingston, even if you live nowhere near Kingston. You’ll fall in love with the cute snoots, as I have. Potato and Persimmon both have a piece of my heart. AND if you’re in the area, and looking for a cat, you can check out their current selection of fine furry friends HERE! I’m selling them like Girl Guide Cookies.

So go! Now! Well, maybe tomorrow because they close in a few minutes. I’m hopefully going to visit on my birthday in a few months, so I’ll be back with more cat pictures soon.

Southpaw Cat Cafe is located at 749 Bayridge Drive, Kingston. Hours are Mon-Fri 10am to 8pm and Sat-Sun 10am-7pm.

Enjoy some photos of my Saturday morning with kitties.



2 thoughts on “southpaw cat cafe: happy caturday!

  1. Nellie says:

    I love going. It was one of my gifts I asked for at Christmas. Live the food. I live in Belleville and wish they had one here. But it would have to sell the same food ! I live the food. Hope to get back soon.


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