the county canteen: TGIFry-day

Song of the Day: Everything Is Alright by The Glorious Sons (they’re from Kingston!)

Guys, I need help writing these puns. They’re terrible. Someone is going to fire me.

I’m going to just start out by saving I’m super biased because I love this place and drag everyone here. Tonight was no different. A friend messaged me to go to Picton and gave me two options, and The County Canteen was one.. so.. naturally I picked it. I love the environment, it’s so laid back and friendly. There is no rush for anything! The staff are happy to chat, and tell you what the specials are, even if it’s three times in a row because maybe I have a terrible short term memory.. but they haven’t kicked me out yet. We’ve been meaning to go to Karaoke Night because their instagram makes it look like the best time ever! Some day, I will make it, and I will sing Let It Go like no one else (as in it’ll be terrible).

Tonight we arrived a little after 6:30, and we were seated pretty quickly, even though I was anticipating a bit of a crowd. We happily chatted, ordered drinks, and I highly recommend the Elderflower Fizz because it’s delicious, light, and refreshing. As soon as our time to order came up, I panicked and said the Lentil Skillet. Now, I’ve mentioned before I’m trying to eat vegetarian (I know the joke about how can you spot a vegetarian. They’ll tell you…I know). BUT! This was actually my first time ordering the vegetarian option at a restaurant, and I had no clue what I was in for. I was pretty impressed with the flavours! It was a bit spicy, so I could only eat a little bit (thanks, acid reflux), but what I did eat was actually really good! Props to the chef for feeding a picky eater. The girls ordered the fried chicken sandwich, and I won’t lie, it looked amazing. I went order crazy and had some fries, too. They were delicious. Make sure you get the aioli dipping sauce. And last but NOT least, flourless chocolate cake. I have only had it once before in Halifax, and wasn’t a fan, but this was delicious. I’d give it 5 thumbs up if I owned that many.

Overall, I can’t even lie.. I love this place. I’ve had their fish tacos, caesar salad, poutine, creme brûlée, hamburger, and now all of this, and I still want to go back and keep trying things. Our service was friendly, not pushy at all, and they even gave us a free sample of blueberry beer. We’ve never actually had bad service since our first visit a year ago, come to think of it. So, if you want a nice little place to go in Picton, and in the mood for great food, local beer, and a nice atmosphere, I (obviously) recommend them. We want to get out and visit in the summer to eat outside, so there might be a future post about this place, and they might get a restraining order. C’est la vie. OH! And they have live music. What more could you want? Just go already.

I was actually really wrapped up in some much needed girl chat, so I only snuck one picture, so you’ll just have to visit for yourself and see the neat decor inside, and experience this for yourself! I do have a picture of my food, though.

You can find them in Picton at 279 Main St. West. Open from 1130 to late (I love that there’s no set time to close), with the kitchen open until 10 on Friday and Saturday.





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