Maple in the County: Walt’s Sugar Shack & Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co.

This year marks our second annual outing to the sugarbush, and we went right back to Walt’s Sugar Shack located about 20 minutes from downtown Trenton on Salem Road in Consecon. I was so excited to eat pancakes that I actually did not eat all morning and was starving by the time we got there. We haphazardly planned this last year and went with a small group of friends, but this year was even bigger with even more friends and more food.

So, if you’re new to the area, like I was last year, you’ve probably seen signs or heard the word sugarbush, and you might be wondering what that actually is. It’s literally just a place where maple trees grow and get tapped for maple syrup. And a sugar shack is the place where the magic happens! That’s where the delicious maple syrup comes from. If you’re like me, you have a love of maple syrup that is only accurately depicted in Elf when Will Ferrell puts it on EVERYTHING. These places are little pieces of heaven that you can visit and get real, fresh maple syrup, and other yummy treats.

Back to Walt’s and Maple in the County! These event happens every year, and ALL over the county at different locations (click the link above for more locations). When we went last year, it was a bit of a miserable and wet day, but still a lot of fun. If you’re going, dress warm and be prepared to wait. You are immediately met with a line up of cars winding down the country road, and you’ll probably have to jimmy-rig yourself into a parking spot and walk a bit. You have the option of walking a short distance from the main entry up to the shacks, OR you can take a horse-drawn carriage ride. We opted to walk because there were a few of us. Once you’re at the top, you can smell the smoke and maple syrup, and it feels like you’re being devoured by sugar. The scenery is wonderful with trees everywhere and smoke wafting around. The prices are pretty fair for what you get at ten dollars a plate for adults, and $2 Walt drops (you need these!), and it works on a buy-a-ticket-and-trade-it-in system, which I don’t mind because it makes the food line go a little faster. There is a child serving, and I’ll post a picture of the menu below.

The food. I was here for one thing, and that was pancakes with maple syrup! After having my plate filled and finding a seat in the tent that is home is several unattended pots of maple syrup, I started picking away at my food. For your hard earned $10, you get two decently big pancakes, baked beans, sausage, apple crisp, and a beverage, plus $2 for 5 huge Walt Drops, which I believe are maple cream cookies that have been battered and deep-fried. I’ve been eating vegetarian lately so I can’t speak for the sausage, but everyone else said it tasted amazing. I was in my glory. A sugar induced coma almost, but I was happy. The food was warm, delicious, and filling so I would call it a successful day.

Bottom line, if you like pancakes and sugar, this is worth a visit! They even had a petting zoo, and I got to play with two baby goats named Otis and Milo, and few other animals they had in a sheltered area. There was live music, a little shop for maple syrup (I bought a bottle of golden), a spot for treats, some mascots, and face painting. It really is just a little magical sugar heaven.

After Walt’s, our group decided to hit up a local brewery called Prince Eddy’s, where I’m instantly reminded of Prince Edward Island and of the East Coast. Full disclosure, I do not enjoy drinking beer, however, I LOVE going to breweries and trying the beer and I love the atmosphere. I have found a few beers that I do like, one being out at County Road Beer Co. called Sour Cherry Gose, so I am open to trying beers, I just won’t sit down to drink a full one. Prince Eddy’s has a very surfer vibe to it that I haven’t seen done in a brewery before, but it worked really well. They were serving food outside from JERKebago that smelled delicious, but we were so full on sugar that we decided to pass, but I’ve heard nothing but good things. Inside the brewery, it’s pretty open and streamlined. Chris had the You’re My Boy Blue-Berry, and our friends had a few flights. All in all, it was a nice spot to stop, and I would like to go back in the summer and sit outside and enjoy the sun and some food. It’ll be making our list of spots to return to in warmer weather.

Overall, it was a pretty busy day, but we were happy to get out and get some fresh air. Maple in the County happens every year, but Walt’s is opened, according to their website, on Saturdays from February to April from 9am-2pm, and Prince Eddy’s, located in Picton, is open 12-5 on Thursdays and Sundays, and 12-6 Fridays and Saturdays. Here are a few photos of our day. Happy Sunday!








2 thoughts on “Maple in the County: Walt’s Sugar Shack & Prince Eddy’s Brewing Co.

  1. Katie Lee says:

    Well, I’m now dying to try one of those Walt Drops, and it’s only 6:40 in the morning. The environment at the sugar shack looks like my kind of place. I’m glad I can vicariously live through you.


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