The Journey Begins

Hi there! if you’re here, maybe you’re looking for places to visit, things to do, or I’ve sent you the link in an attempt to make myself feel popular (ha!). 

A little about myself! I’m originally from southwestern Nova Scotia from a little island surrounded by sand. It sounds magical, but it’s pretty chilly! It does have its own charm, with lovely views, and you can get fresh seafood on the side of the road out of the back of a truck. It is well known for its lobster and fishing industry, which is what I was raised in since my entire family has been working in the industry for years. I worked in it for a short period of time, filling boxes with fish, before I moved to Halifax to attend a university where I majored in Sociology with a minor in Religious Studies.

Enough about that! On to the blog and why I’m doing this. Since my first trip to Halifax at the ripe age of 13, I’ve been fascinated by the little nooks you can find in a city. I remember fondly going into my first Dollarama on Quinpool, or somewhere near Quinpool, and I bought a keychain that I held onto for years because it was from “the city”, which was a magical place where new things existed. I still remember going to Hoogies with my mom and eating my first “city meal”, which would later become a weekly event. Finding new places has become a bit of a hobby, whether it’s a bookstore, antique shop, trail, cafe, restaurant, or pub. I love popping into a cafe and finding a new favourite pastry! 

My partner in crime for exploring is my husband, Chris. We spent 8 years in Halifax, travelling and discovering new places, which I’m sure I will eventually write about. We’ve spent a grand total of a month travelling around Europe, and have done a few road trips from Nova Scotia to Ontario, and down through the states, so we have some experience there, too! 

Our current adventure started when we were posted to Trenton, Ontario a year and a half ago. We’ve discovered so many little gems, and I thought I would share it with YOU! I hope you enjoy it, and maybe you’ll find a gem of your own. I’m going to try and do a weekly post on a place I’ve found (trail, cafe, store, restaurant, anything really). It may range from Halifax to here to Europe, so just stick with me! And if you have any suggestions on places I should visit, drop me a line. I’d love to hear your favourite places, too.

Exploration is really the essence of the human spirit. – Frank Borman



2 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Jes says:

    What a beginning! I can’t wait to read all your adventures and hopefully one day we venture together, maaaaybe in Toronto?! 😏


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